Natural Meets Rustic: Stunning Home Design this Fall

It won’t be long before the sun is positioned precisely above the equator and day and night are divided into equal parts. The equinox will usher in Autumn with its crisp, cool air and breathtakingly beautiful foliage in brilliant hues of red, yellow and orange. 

In fact, experts are predicting leaves in the Kansas City area this fall will be more colorful than in 2022 due to the abundant rainfall because the increase in moisture brings up more nutrients from the root zone that enhance their vibrancy. 

In this time of transition, summer fades into winter, renewing our energy and creativity. The days will shrink as the sun continues to rise later and nightfall arrives earlier. 

Transitioning Your Home Design From Summer To Fall 

As we swap out our t-shirts, linen, shorts and sneakers for cozy sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves, cashmere and boots, we begin to reflect on new design ideas for our home. 

The richest source of inspiration is the natural environment that surrounds us. Consider bringing in the warm colors of autumn, such as orange, yellow, red and brown into your interior design. 

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with a plush rug, a thick blanket, candles and lanterns. To add some fall charm to your home, frame some colorful dry leaves, or arrange aromatic pine cones on a display table and gently spotlight them. 

Now you’re ready to make a bigger move with new windows. To remain cohesive with the nature theme, ProVia offers a variety of wood options for both the interior and exterior of your windows such as pine, cherry, mahogany, white oak, and black walnut. 

You can also customize the color, style, and design of your windows to match your natural theme. Next, customize them with rustic hardware or decorative glass that complements your natural surroundings. 

The Finishing Touches

To expand on the motif, you might want to think about visually reinforcing the look and feel you create with your new windows by adding rustic window treatments to the mix. 

This design tactic can bring a wealth of charm and character to your space. You can use curtain rods made of metal, wood, or antlers to hang your curtains. 

You can also add finials, rings, or clips in rustic styles to match your rods. Imagine how it would look if you used iron or brass hardware to create a dramatic contrast with your curtains. 

You can choose curtains made of natural fabrics like burlap, gingham, plaid, or linen. These fabrics have a cozy and casual feel that suits a rustic style. You can also look for curtains with stripes, checks, or floral patterns to add some visual interest. Shop out  gray-and-white striped fabric to create café-style curtains above the sink, or use dyed gingham curtains in neutral tones for a classic look.

You can try valances, shutters, or shades to dress up your windows. Valances are short curtains that cover the top part of the window and add some color and texture. 

Shutters are wooden panels that can be opened or closed to control light and privacy. Shades are fabric or woven materials that can be rolled up or down to cover the window. 

A popular trend is to use a long plank of wood to form a valance in your kitchen, or use floor-to-ceiling barn door shutters for a cool farmhouse look.

Adding Style And Elegance To Your Windows

You can use decorative glass to create a unique window treatment. Decorative glass can have different colors, textures, patterns, or shapes that reflect the light and create a beautiful effect. 

ProVia’s decorative glass is hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen who create artistically designed patterns from clear beveled glass and caming–the metal banding that joins panels of glass together in a unique design–with privacy glass panels.

ProVia’s decorative glass is also highly energy-efficient, featuring a decorative core sandwiched between a dual-glazed ComforTech™ glass package. 

Watch this video that shows how they are made and embrace the change of seasons as an opportunity to renew your creativity and spark your home design changes. 

Whether it’s adding some cozy touches, refreshing your color palette, or adding new windows and doors, savor every minute of transforming your living space this fall. 

Cornerstone Home Improvements is a local, family-owned business-three generations strong and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and NARI. It has been serving the Kansas City area for over 40 years and has earned a reputation for being trustworthy, honest, and fair to its customers. To set up a free design consultation call (816) 737-0601 or email Follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and LinkedIn.

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