Beautiful window design - 8 Aeris Shape Almond wood color by ProVia. Large picture windows in different shapes for an A-frame house.
Cool Minimalist Window Design Trends

This week we delve into the latest window design trends, exploring the beauty and functionality of interior and exterior glass features that are reshaping the way we experience our living spaces. From interior windows that create a sense of expansiveness and unleash light to flow between rooms to the resurgence...

Compliments of ProVia Visualizer Tool website showing a beautiful newer home with Gray siding 3/4 way up the front of the house and brick siding at the bottom half. Six ProVia windows and custom trim adorn the home. Beautiful red bushes set on each side and green and yellow small bushes around the front. The lawn is perfectly manicured in mowed lines and Christmas green. Blue sky with a dust of white clouds above with some trees on each side of the house. It has an inset entry way with a Provia front door and storm door in a black decorative style.
Get Your Style On With Custom Trim and Windows

If your house is starting to look a bit dated, it may be time to explore options that enhance its exterior design while also improving durability and weather resistance.  Start by replacing old or worn-out trim and windows. Updated custom trim can add a polished finishing touch to your home's...

Showing Energy-Efficient Windows in living room and dining rooms.
Stay Warm This Winter With Energy-Efficient Windows

Well, the long-anticipated arrival of old man winter is at our doorstep. There is no better time than right now to seal up cracks around the house to prevent air leaks and save energy.  Having new energy-efficient windows can also have a major impact on energy costs.  Per Forbes, sealing...

Endure Garden Window with white vinyl finish or paint finish with Garden Windows having 20 colors to choose from.
Building A Greenhouse With Garden Windows

If you love plants and have been dreaming about growing your own herbs, flowers, and vegetables indoors to make your house more “sustainable” you don’t need a green thumb. Just install garden windows in your house to create a mini-greenhouse effect inside any room that needs new life.  This explains...

Showing an Endure Round Cottage Grid Window above the entry door on the 2nd level of a 3-story white house. Architectural windows that are round is the blog focus.
Why It’s Hip To Be Round: Architectural Windows

You know your standard exterior windows are making your house blend into the neighborhood when you accidentally pull up to someone else’s driveway because their house looks just like yours.  This week we challenge you to explore more creative ways to make your house a one-of-a-kind standout that turns heads....

ProVia picture windows in natural leather glaze wood. It expands the entire living room with a tan couch and wood flooring. with marble table stand and lamp.
Picture Perfect Windows That Wow

Picture a spacious and cozy living room with a large pillowy soft cushioned white sofa and two soft lived in leather club chairs with rolled arms, square wood feet and arched backs.  Colorful pillows and a soft throw blanket flank the sofa surrounding a round coffee table in the center...

New windows showing natural sunlight streaming through the windows. A long wood table and pretty bench seats with cream cushions are in the dining room A vase of pink fluffy flowers are on the table.
Transforming Your Interior Design With New Windows

One of our installers recently went out to a new customer’s home to talk about siding replacement options. As Carl was trying to show Denise some siding color swatches he noticed that she seemed distracted as she kept looking out the window.  Even with the lights on, the living room...

4 Money-Saving Features to Look for in Replacement Windows

You do a lot to save money and improve your home's energy efficiency. You carefully monitor your air conditioner and furnace use. You unplug items not currently in use. And you perform many of your own repairs. Yet did you ever think about replacing your windows? Though they seem like they're...

Understanding Condensation on Your New Windows

Condensation on your windows means there is an excess of humidity in your home. Condensation may occur as a natural result of humidity within the house and internal/external temperature differentials. Condensation on the glass does not indicate a defect in the window but results when warm moist air comes in contact with the colder...

Operation of Your New Vinyl Windows

In order to tilt in the sashes of your Double Hung window you will need to: Unlock the window sash and raise the bottom sash (or lower the upper sash) it about 3” from the frame. Slide the tilt latches toward the lock and tilt the sash in. (Always support the sash...