Compliments of ProVia Visualizer Tool website showing a beautiful newer home with Gray siding 3/4 way up the front of the house and brick siding at the bottom half. Six ProVia windows and custom trim adorn the home. Beautiful red bushes set on each side and green and yellow small bushes around the front. The lawn is perfectly manicured in mowed lines and Christmas green. Blue sky with a dust of white clouds above with some trees on each side of the house. It has an inset entry way with a Provia front door and storm door in a black decorative style.
Get Your Style On With Custom Trim and Windows

If your house is starting to look a bit dated, it may be time to explore options that enhance its exterior design while also improving durability and weather resistance.  Start by replacing old or worn-out trim and windows. Updated custom trim can add a polished finishing touch to your home's...

Showing Home design and ProVia Decorative Glass Entry Door with brown welcome mat and flower pot holding pink flowers by door.
Natural Meets Rustic: Stunning Home Design this Fall

It won’t be long before the sun is positioned precisely above the equator and day and night are divided into equal parts. The equinox will usher in Autumn with its crisp, cool air and breathtakingly beautiful foliage in brilliant hues of red, yellow and orange.  In fact, experts are predicting...

Cornerstone Named Top Replacement Contractor in Kansas City!

There are dozens of replacement contractors in Kansas City, but only one was named by Remodeling Magazine as a top contractor – Cornerstone Home Improvements. Recently, they put together their list of the top 550 replacement contractors in the country. We were proud to be ranked 155 nationwide and the...

Hidden Dangers in Home Improvement Projects

At Cornerstone Home Improvements, because we specialize in siding, window, and door replacement, we constantly deal with home renovations. In our daily work, we discover some hidden dangers that many homeowners are unaware of. One of those dangers is exposure to asbestos. Although asbestos use has been regulated since the...

Women In Remodeling

BY CHRISTINA KOCH AND LAURIE GRANT - CREATED: FEBRUARY 9, 2012 It sometimes is difficult to remember a time when women weren’t a vital part of the workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, there were 123 million women in the civilian noninstitutional population; 58.6 percent of...