Beware of the $189 window

cheap replacement window affordable window install kansas city$189 Window Companies in Kansas City…Beware! You’ve heard the commercials touting windows for $189. Unfortunately, we have found that this is really just a marketing ploy to get customers to call. Once you start dealing with these companies, you find that the $189 price they promise covers very little and every feature you want is an “add on” which raises the price of the window. Most companies just want to sell you one window…their window. They will tell you how great it is and why it’s worth what they charge – duh. That’s because they want you to buy their window! We call this the win”duh” factor of Window Replacement. Don’t fall victim to the win”duh” factor.

At Cornerstone Home Improvements, our job is not to sell you a specific window or sell you a window based solely on price. You’ll never see a “$189 Window Special” here. Our job is to educate you about windows – all kinds of windows – so you can find the best window for your home and your budget. At Cornerstone, we’re in your corner. Because we don’t work for a single manufacturer, we give you an unbiased opinion and straight facts to help you make the best decision. At Cornerstone, we carry dozens of brands. We’ll show you different options and let you decide after comparing all the facts.

One thing you won’t find at Cornerstone is poorly insulated windows. A poorly insulated window can attribute to 25 percent of a building’s heating and cooling loads. As a homeowner, it is just as important to know what type of window spacer material is being used on the insulating glass unit as it is to know what type of glass package (or glazing) is going into the window. The type of spacer material in your windows can make or break your investment! When we purchase windows from the manufacturer, we only buy windows with Super Spacer® technology (if offered by the manufacturer). Super Spacer® is the world’s only 100% polymer foam, no-metal, warm edge spacer. It contains no metal. Metal is a heat conductor and can cause condensation, The edge of the insulating glass unit is the most vulnerable to heat and cooling loss, condensation, and frosting. Super Spacer’s® No-Metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry.

So what makes one window better than another? Bottom line-the better the window, the more money it will save you on energy bills. There are quite a few features to compare when deciding which window is right for your home and how energy efficient it is. Here are just a few:

The way the $189 window performs:

  1. The lower the air infiltration rating, the better the window. (See our Section on Air Infiltration))
  2. The higher the Water Infiltration rating, the better the window.
  3. The higher the Design Pressure rating, the better the window.
  4. The lower the u factor rating, the better the window.
  5. The lower the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rating, the better the window. (Generally in our climate, however in Northern Climates, you might want a higher SHGC rating.)

The design of the cheap windows:

  1. The sill dam
  2. The mechanical interlocks
  3. The compression gasket system
  4. The weather-stripping
  5. The reinforced meeting rail
  6. The foam around the frame for tight, insulated install

The frame of the $189 window:

  1. The thickness of the vinyl
  2. Whether it has foam in the frame and sashes or not
  3. The corner welds, the accuracy of the cuts

The operation system of the cheap window.

(What moves the sashes up and down in a double hung, what cranks it in and out in a casement.)

The spacer system in the window.

Spacer materials separate the panes of glass in an insulated window unit. Super Spacer’s® No-Metal formula provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. (See our Section on Spacer Systems)

The $189 window glass package

  1. Double pane or triple pane
  2. Krypton gas, argon gas, or no gas
  3. The gap between the glass
  4. The level/layers of low e

The quality of the installation and the written warranty to back up this installation.

The warranty of the window.


The financial strength and stability of the manufacturer and the company installing the window.


There’s so much to consider when it comes to purchasing windows. That’s why we’re here. Shop the smart way with Cornerstone. We’re your window insiders. We have tons of information we’d love to share with you to help make your decision informed and effortless. Don’t pay less now just to spend a lot more in the future. Do yourself a favor and do your homework. Windows are an investment, but if you make the right one, it will save you money in the future. So when you’re ready to do a little window shopping, give us a call and we’ll help you find the best windows for you.

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