Kansas City Installation Experts

At Cornerstone, installation is our lifeblood. We started as an installation company over 40 years ago. For years we installed windows, doors & siding for the biggest companies in Kansas City. Many of these companies are our competitors today. By seeing this side of the business for so many companies for so many years, we got a great education. Not only was it very clear which products were good and which manufacturers stood behind their warranties, but it also was quite amazing to us that different companies would ask us to compromise our installation in order to save money on the job. We were asked many times not to insulate around windows, not to put the recommended insulation and home wrap on when installing siding, not to put an insulation cap on a siding job, asked to use the cheapest caulk available, and so on… ALL in an effort to save money so the company would “win” the job by having the cheapest price. 

Kansas City Home Installation Expert

Lifetime Guarantee on Home Installations

When we started offering product as Cornerstone Home Improvement in 1997, we KNEW what was important. We KNEW which manufactures, qualities, and features we wanted to offer based on our years of experience. And we KNEW how to properly install. We also KNEW what we didn’t want—and that was services. Companies that offer inferior products and mediocre installations often find themselves with so many service and complaint calls that they can’t afford to stay in business. Our goal is, and has always been, to offer a complete package that will require little to no future services.  What many people don’t realize is that even if purchasing the most energy efficient window, door, or siding on the market, if installed incorrectly, they might as well have put the least efficient product on their home. We pride ourselves in offering the most energy efficient products we can (for different budgets) with the BEST installation possible. Each of our crews has been trained to install to industry standards. Most of our crew members have installed for us for over 10 years, some for over 20. That is why we are one of the very few companies that will actually guarantee our installation with a written lifetime warranty.