Transforming Your Interior Design With New Windows

One of our installers recently went out to a new customer’s home to talk about siding replacement options. As Carl was trying to show Denise some siding color swatches he noticed that she seemed distracted as she kept looking out the window. 

Even with the lights on, the living room was dark so he thought, “Maybe she wants to see the swatches near the light.” so he walked her over to the window to show her the different color options.  Denise kept glancing at her window. It was cracked with a crumbling wood frame and blocked natural light from coming in.

Carl, sensing the conversation was going nowhere, stopped asking questions about the siding and shared his observations with Denise. 

“You seem to be distracted. Maybe this isn’t a good time,” he said. “Do you want to reschedule our appointment?” 

Denise didn’t want to reschedule, instead, she wanted to address a more pressing issue. She told Carl that she was recently working with an interior designer who suggested adding a mini indoor garden to make the living room more inviting. 

“That’s an awesome idea. I’m not a gardener, but I do know that you’re going to need a lot more natural light,” Carl said. 

The conversation quickly turned to new windows to support her interior design initiative. They both agreed that an indoor garden would make the space more vibrant and relaxing and adding a rich variety of plants and flowers in decorative vases and pots at different heights would not only create visual interest but also be welcoming. 

Natural Light To The Rescue

To bathe your space with natural light, windows with large panes are best. These are known as casement windows and double-hung windows. 

Casement windows are designed with a crank at the base that swings the window outward at the side hinge. Some customers find that casement windows are easier to open and close, especially in hard-to-reach places since you don’t have to push up on the top sash like you would on a double hung.  Casement windows can also provide a stylish contemporary design, making it easier to bring in fresh air along with more natural light. 

When raining or snowing, casement windows seal tight as the sash presses against the weatherstripping and is locked firmly in place with a secure latch.

On the other hand, double-hung windows come with just as many design options as casements and are easier to clean since the sashes can be tilted into your home to clean both the inside and outside glass.

Different Roads Lead To The Same Happy Place

Both windows vary in price.  Casements tend to be pricier and it’s best to have your windows replaced by a seasoned installer who can ensure they don’t conflict with adjacent windows or objects in your home.

Double-hung windows are more economical. They are built with two sashes that slide vertically up and down and are safer to use with children in the home because the night latch feature prevents the window from opening all the way but still offers ventilation.

A bay window projects outward from the walls of your house to form a bay. Unlike flat windows, they provide more expansive views which can make a room appear larger, as they let in natural light from every direction. 

Opening Your Mind To New Ideas

Bay windows are created by combining three or more windows so that they angle out beyond the house wall. They can be composed of either casement or double-hung windows. 

When deciding between the two options, you should consider the distinctions. Denise was delighted with the windows she chose from Provia. Her new windows allowed the natural light to pour into her home, making it feel warm and welcoming and allowing her indoor living room garden to thrive.  Denise stepped back to take it all in and knew she had made the right choice. 


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