3 Reasons to Choose Synergy Replacement Windows

synergy-chart-fullAt Cornerstone Home Improvements, all of the brands of windows we carry are high quality. Synergy Windows are one of our favorites. Synergy Windows are the perfect combination of over 20 design features that outperform all other window brands. You’ll experience a significant increase in energy performance when you choose Synergy Windows, all of which are made in America. But you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for performance. You can get it all in one window. Here are three reasons to choose Synergy replacement windows now for your Kansas City area home.

Choose from Several Designs without Sacrificing Performance

When it comes to Synergy Windows, you can get beauty and brains in the same package. Choose from several sleek window styles, like double hung, gliding and picture replacement windows to name a few. Each style carries the same performance guarantee, so you’ll be satisfied no matter what style fits your personality.

Synergy Replacement Windows Are More Energy Efficient Than Other Brands

From the type of glass, to the type of frame, to the style of installation, you can rest assured you will get the most energy efficient replacement windows when you choose Synergy Windows at Cornerstone. Pick from several types of glass packages that offer different ranges of efficiency for different climates. Synergy frames are also designed for superior energy efficiency. And you can always trust that Cornerstone will install your windows with the utmost care. When you add all these factors in together, you are almost guaranteed reduced energy costs when you install Synergy Windows. The industry standard window allows 288 ounces of air to leak per minute. But the Synergy NGT Window only allows 38.4 ounces of air to leak per minute in comparison. That’s more than 150 ounces less than the industry standard, meaning reduced air leakage in your home.

We Offer a Lifetime Warranty

Besides the fact that you can choose from several different styles that all possess superior energy efficiency properties, here at Cornerstone, we also offer a lifetime warranty on our Synergy windows.  Plus, we also take our installation services seriously. That’s why we also offer a written lifetime installation warranty.

Call Cornerstone today to install Synergy replacement windows in your home at 816-737-0601 or 913-244-6046.