Synergy NGT Windows

Our Synergy NGT™ Windows are a combination of over 20 designed features that bring significant energy performance while providing an elegant, sleek, beautiful style. Strong, weather-tight, and durable, these custom sized replacement windows by Cornerstone Home Improvement are offered for much less than you would expect for such a technologically advanced, energy efficient window.

And because the Synergy NGT™ window manufacturer has been a trusted window leader for over 65 years, this window is not only “Made in America” quality, but also capitalizes on the synergistic force of Cornerstone’s 40 plus years in business and American expertise craftsmanship and cutting-edge, next generation technology.

“The world looks better through a Cornerstone Synergy NGT™ Window.”
save energy costs and reduce air flow with next generation synergy window replacement

Double Hung, Gliding, and Picture Replacement Windows

next generation technology windowsThere are many reasons why someone decides to replace their windows: high energy bills, rotting wood, sashes won’t stay up, glass needs to be re-glazed, the window’s appearance needs to be changed or updated, etc. Basically, over the 40 years we have been in business, we have found that the MAIN reason to replace your current windows is to reduce Energy Loss.

There are 3 considerations when addressing energy loss:

1. GLASS-Since glass is the largest part of any window (approximately 80%) it is important that you get a great glass package that will insulate your home from the cold in the winter and the hot sun’s rays in the summer. There are different low e glass packages available. Don’t get confused-The Ratings Say It ALL!

2. FRAME–The way the window is made, the way the sashes and frame are fabricated, and how tight these are, can greatly enhance your energy savings (or can greatly increase your energy costs) depending on how well it is designed. How much air the window leaks is a great indication of how much your furnace and air conditioner will need to continuously work. If you purchase windows with great glass, but if they leak air from a poor frame design, you are not going to significantly reduce your energy costs.

3. INSTALLATION-You can purchase the most air tight, energy efficient window on the market and it won’t do anything to reduce your energy costs if it is installed poorly. At Cornerstone, because we feel that professional installation is just as important as getting an energy efficient window itself, we not only offer a life time warranty on the Synergy NGTTM window, but we also offer a written lifetime installation warranty.

air infiltration comparison chart