Understanding Condensation on Your New Windows

Condensation on your windows means there is an excess of humidity in your home. Condensation may occur as a natural result of humidity within the house and internal/external temperature differentials. Condensation on the glass does not indicate a defect in the window but results when warm moist air comes in contact
with the colder surface of the window.
Condensation is caused by household activities such as: showers, cooking, running the washing machine and dishwasher or any other activity that involves hot air adding moisture to the air. Window condensation can be temporary during: any steam producing
activity, during the start of each heating season due to the absorbed moisture during the summer, during sharp temperature changes, and during remodeling and/or construction.

In order to reduce condensation you can:

  • Check that all ventilation equipment is properly set.
  • Air out the kitchen or room by opening a window after use of
    heat and or steam.
  • Leave attic louvers open year round.
  • Set humidifiers properly.
  • Call a heating and/or ventilation contractor to make sure
    ventilation is adequate for your home.