Why It’s Hip To Be Round: Architectural Windows

You know your standard exterior windows are making your house blend into the neighborhood when you accidentally pull up to someone else’s driveway because their house looks just like yours. 

This week we challenge you to explore more creative ways to make your house a one-of-a-kind standout that turns heads. Throttling up your style is not as difficult as you may think. 

Simply replacing your old windows with new ones that have more architectural detail and style will completely transform your exterior. 

To start the journey, peruse pictures of windows that match the period and design of your house. Whether the style is Colonial, Craftsman, Modern, Spanish, Tudor, or Victorian, they will supercharge your imagination and inspire brilliant design choices. 

Architectural Windows Inspiration From The Pantheon

If you’ve always been a fan of Italy and The Pantheon, a temple to of ancient Rome, maybe it’s time to bring a bit of that Tuscan Romanesque architecture back home with you. 

Its most memorable feature is a large round window at the top of its dome which serves as the only source of natural light in the interior while creating a dramatic effect as the sun moves across the sky. 

Architectural-shaped windows like the one described in this famous example can be used alone or in combination with other windows to create a stunning view of your home. 

Round windows give your home a distinctive look. They are guaranteed to deliver an eye-popping focal point, additional natural light, and enhance your view of the outdoors. They fit in any space, regardless of the shape or size of your wall to instantly create a sense of spaciousness, especially in small rooms or attics.

Choose The Right Expert

After you decide on the style that will work best with your home’s architectural design, double-check to make sure it’s right. When you’re ready to take action, you’ll need to find a home improvement company that specializes in custom framing and cutting. It’s definitely not a standard operation and demands professional installers with expertise in architectural windows. 

Whether you are going for a modern, rustic, nautical, traditional or eclectic design, few remodeling projects will add as much character and curb charm to your home at a budget this low. 

Before you know it, you’ll be drawing inspiration from The Rose Window of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris featuring a circular stained-glass window that depicts scenes from the Bible and the history of the church. 

Combining the beauty of stained glass with the logic of geometry and the symbolism of religion, it’s a remarkable tribute to the marriage of art and science. 

Cancel Your Plane Ticket

You don’t have to move to Paris to feel like you live there. Round windows add curves and character to your home, create a focal point in any room, let in more natural light, and offer a unique view of the outside.

Consider installing a round window above your front door to create a dramatic entrance and sense of symmetry while sweetly complementing the shape of your door or archway. 

Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of remodeling your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere and a privacy screen. A round window can also add some contrast to the straight lines of your tiles, cabinets, and fixtures.

Imagine the impact if you placed a round window in your kitchen to create a cozy nook and a breakfast spot. How cool would it be if it also matched the shape of your kitchen table, island, or lighting? 

Design For Your Lifestyle

Meanwhile, consider balancing the shape of your sofa, coffee table, or area rug by framing them in a round window to instantly open up the space in your living room. 

What statement about your worldview and aspirations do you want to make with your new windows today?


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