Picture Perfect Windows That Wow

Picture a spacious and cozy living room with a large pillowy soft cushioned white sofa and two soft lived in leather club chairs with rolled arms, square wood feet and arched backs. 

Colorful pillows and a soft throw blanket flank the sofa surrounding a round coffee table in the center of the room. The glass top and wood base are adorned with a ceramic vase of fresh flowers and some upscale design magazines. 

A plush area rug covers the hardwood floor, adding warmth and texture to the space. The walls are painted in a soothing clean soft white, complemented by floor to ceiling linen curtains in a muted light brown and framed art that mirrors the color scheme and the greenery. 

Warm Up Your Living Room

A sleek and modern infrared electric fireplace installed in a recessed space in the wall produces realistic flames as radiant heat from its infrared quartz tubes blankets the room. 

Matching table lamps provide ambient lighting, while a ceiling fan circulates the air, beckoning you to unwind with a cup of tea after a long day.

The picture window offers a stunning view of your dimly lit landscape as the last few rays of sunshine stream through the window, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

If these images spark desire in your mind’s eye, you might want to consider the primary picture window design that is the focal point of the living room in this scene. 

Large stationary windows that have a single pane of glass without any visible grilles, frames or sashes provide unobstructed views and an expansive vibe while  bringing more natural light into your home. 

It creates a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy the investment you made in landscaping. Curb appeal is important, but enjoying what you’ve created  inside your house is life altering. 

Add Depth, Light, and Elegance to Your Space with New Windows

Large picture windows will make your room look more spacious as it creates an illusion of depth, enhancing the architectural style of your home and complementing any design theme while adding a focal point to your exterior.

Although they cannot be opened or closed, you can add casement, awning, or sliding windows to your design to allow for fresh air and temperature control.

You can also add transom windows above or below your primary picture window to create more height or depth. They can be installed above the picture window, usually in a horizontal or semicircular shape. 

Try A Touch Of Tradition 

Transom windows add style and natural light to a room.  Some can be used to provide ventilation and privacy. Transom windows have been popular since the 14th century and can be found in many older homes, bringing tradition and character into your living room. 

Transom windows from Provia are custom-made to fit your windows and doors and are available in various styles and sizes, such as awning and architectural shapes. 

You can also choose from different glass options like decorative, privacy, or energy-efficient glass. Provia offers a variety of transom windows including Endure™, Aeris™, Aspect™ and EcoLite™. 

Take A Closer Look

Decorative glass options for your transom windows such as Carlisle, Inspirations Art Glass, or Privacy Glass make it an even more attractive option. If you are interested in learning more about ProVia’s transom windows you can view videos about them here. 

To create a more dynamic and versatile look combine picture windows with other styles to create a bay or bow window.

A bay window extends outward from the wall, creating a bay or a niche inside the room. It can surround your picture window with a fixed sash, and two or more smaller windows on the sides, known as casement or double-hung windows. It can be rectangular, polygonal, or curved. 

A bow window extends outward from the wall, creating a curved shape and a wider view of the outside. A bow window usually consists of four or more windows that are equal in size and joined together to form an arch, adding space, light and charm to your space. 

As you can see, picture windows enhance your living room with natural light, spaciousness, and style. They can be combined with other window types to create a unique and customized design that suits your home and reflects your personal style. 

Whether you choose to combine them with transom, bay, or bow windows, Provia will provide you with high-quality products that are durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful. 

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