Operation of Your New Vinyl Windows

In order to tilt in the sashes of your Double Hung window you will need to:

  • Unlock the window sash and raise the bottom sash (or lower the upper sash) it about 3” from the frame.
  • Slide the tilt latches toward the lock and tilt the sash in. (Always support the sash while you are cleaning.)
  • After cleaning tilt the sash back up and snap into place. Always make sure that the tilt latches are securely engaged.

In order to remove a slider sash you will need to:

  • Unlock the sash and slide it past the sash retainer insert located in the head. (Some windows have a sash retainer clip instead of an insert, which must be removed before opening the sash).
  • Lift the sash up into the head and pull the bottom of the sash toward you.

To operate your casements you will need to:

  • Lift the handle to unlock the sash. Turn the handle on the bottom of the frame to open the sash to the desired position.
  • Turn the handle the opposite direction to close the sash. To lock, make sure the sash is completely closed and then lower the handle on the side of the frame.