Lifetime Installation Warranty

Installation is really what sets Cornerstone Home Improvement apart from everyone else in the industry. Yes, we sell quality windows, doors and siding, but in our opinion, that’s the easy part. Installing them correctly is the tricky part. It doesn’t matter if you buy the top of the line windows, doors or siding, if they aren’t installed properly, their quality and performance are greatly compromised. That’s why we install everything we sell. We don’t leave the most important part of the job to someone else. We want our customers to be happy-for life! That’s why we put our money where our mouth is with the best warranty in town. We guarantee our installation forever! That’s right, if Cornerstone installed it, it should last forever.

How can we offer such an ironclad guarantee? That’s easy. We simply use the best materials available and hire installers with years of experience and knowledge. We started as an installation company over 40 years ago. We installed windows, doors and siding for Kansas City’s biggest companies. We quickly learned which products were superior and used those products exclusively. They may cost a little more, but they are well worth it. When you do something right the first time, it should last a lifetime.

We pride ourselves in offering the most energy efficient products we can (for different budgets) with the BEST installation possible. Each of our crews has been trained to install to industry standards. Most of our crew members have installed for us for over 10 years, some for over 20. We understand how not doing all of the little things correctly can greatly affect the performance and appearance of any job. Over the years, we’ve removed many other companies’ bad windows, doors, and siding installation jobs to install our product professionally.

We don’t compromise on the quality of the products required for installation either. As an example, we don’t use the cheap caulk that most companies use from the lumberyard. We use high quality (often upwards of $7.00 a tube) professional caulk. Our 40-year plus reputation is just too valuable to cut corners. All of this, so that we can continue to receive an industry record number of referrals and repeat customers! Ask around and you’ll see, at Cornerstone Home Improvement, we’re in your corner.