Life After Vertical Blinds: Internal Blinds

Life After Vertical Blinds: Internal Blinds 

As if struggling to keep all the panels on the track and getting tangled up in strings wasn’t enough of a headache, your pets are wreaking havoc on your vertical blinds, leaving behind cracks and splits. 

Meanwhile, over the years they lost their color and got dirty and now you’re stuck with an eyesore. So are you ready to part ways with your vertical blinds and look at some beautiful design alternatives?

For sleek, streamlined aesthetics and smooth functionality, consider built-in or internal blinds. Instead of fighting with external cords, a simple slider opens, closes and easily adjusts to increase or dial down natural light. 

Cut The Cord

Since cords are enclosed within the glass, they won’t get tangled or pose a danger to small children and pets.  Internal blinds also allow the option to install curtains as there is no external clutter to work around. 

Endure vinyl patio doors are available with a variety of customization options to enhance your door’s appearance, including multiple door configurations, a wide selection of interior laminated wood grain colors and popular vinyl custom exterior paint colors, various internal grid styles and patterns, and multiple choices for decorative or privacy glass and hardware colors.

Constructed of sturdy aluminum for long-lasting performance and custom-fit to the exact dimensions of each door; built-in blinds from Provia will resolve your issues with vertical blinds the day they are installed. 

Save Money

Even better, upgrading your lifestyle makes financial sense too as ProVia sliding glass doors with internal blinds are available with double-pane low-E glass and meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications with certain glazing systems, providing improved energy efficiency for your home.

ProVia sliding glass patio doors are tested against the most stringent industry standards for air and water infiltration, wind load resistance and ease of operation. 

To make it cohesive with your interior design, select an option from a full range of versatile neutral colors including White, Cream, Tan, Silver and Champagne.  

Maintenance Free Solution

The color you choose will stay vibrant and clean for years because your blinds are protected between glass.

Picture yourself effortlessly opening and closing your blinds as they instantly respond to your commands and all the panels close seamlessly, remaining perfectly balanced. 

Now all you need to figure out is what you’re going to do with all the time you will save trying to evenly line up the panels on your old vertical blinds. 

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