How To Refresh Your Older House Without Breaking The Bank For Less Than $10,000

Refresh your older house showing decorative, beveled glass front door with black borders and trim around the glass.

What’s the one home improvement that can refresh your older house that you can do for less than $10,000 that provides a higher return on investment than a new bathroom or kitchen? Take a wild guess. It’s the first architectural design element your visitors see before they ring your doorbell. 

That’s right, it’s your front door. Consider replacing it with stylish decorative glass. It will make your property look custom and inviting while boosting curb appeal for potential buyers. 

Refresh Your Older House – Make It More Memorable To Potential Buyers

Floral, abstract, and traditional designs complement various home styles, including Victorian, Colonial, Modern, and Craftsman.

One of our clients, who recently sold their house for $100,000 over the asking price in one day, mentioned that the photographer expressed how the front door was the selling point of the house. He told us the photographer said the entry door would sell the house. 

In addition, the realtor reported that it was the one design element that made it stand out from all the other options in the upscale Prairie Village, Kansas neighborhood, helping to spark a bidding war. 

The decorative glass, combined with the vibrant orange color made it pop when home shoppers were on the prowl for a vintage home with contemporary accents. 

Color Is A Combination of Art And Science

The key to success is to choose a manufacturer that is obsessed with precise color matching. A lot of things can go wrong when a sample or color code is shipped to production. It would behoove you to find a seasoned consultant who you can trust to manage the subtle nuances that make or break your project. Don’t leave any margin for error.  

The smartest way to ensure you get exactly the color, shade, and texture you want is to handle the color approval process like a pro. A top-notch home improvement expert will carefully scrutinize your chosen color in the sunlight for the outside. Daylight has qualities that cannot be replicated by electric light. The changing intensity, direction, and color of natural light shift dramatically with the weather, season, and time of day. You want to be certain your door works across the full spectrum. 

The same energy and focus should be applied to choosing a color that works with your indoor lighting for the interior side of the door. 

Looking At Your Entry Door In A New Light

There are three main types of indoor lights: downlights, linear lighting, and decorative lighting. Each one has its own advantages, and where you install them in your home will depend on the needs of the space and personal preferences. 

Your color will look different depending on if you’re using traditional incandescent, halogen, or LED lighting. If you do decide to go with decorative glass, study samples to see how the decorative glass will catch the light before you make your final decision. 

The color, shape, and design details in the decorative glass should project an air of refinement and elegance to your entire space. The ornate patterns, textures, and colors of a beautiful decorative glass window are a work of art that enhances the interior design of your home while providing more privacy.

Stay Ahead Of The Trends – Refresh Your Older House

To keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends, track relevant changes in codes and standards, and implement factory best practices. Be sure to collaborate closely with your design consultant from a reputable installer. 

Glass entry doors bring natural light into your house and serve up expansive views of your landscaping which can stimulate a sense of wellbeing and boost productivity. With careful design, the right door company can also reduce electrical energy use.   

What makes decorative glass for front doors so special is its intentional imperfections that give a nod to the hand-crafted cut glass of the stunning classic styles from earlier centuries. 

Textural waves, cool grooves, seemingly random air bubbles, and other natural effects make each piece of decorative glass unique. Refresh your older house today! 

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