Cornerstone Helps Leawood Homeowners Decide Which Windows to Install

Cornerstone Vernon and Lori T. LeawoodWe were thrilled to recently finish a window installation for a couple in Leawood, KS. Vernon and Lori T. wanted to replace their old windows with more energy efficient windows. We talked about their choices, what their most important reasons were, what they expected from the windows, and, of course, their budget. You see at Cornerstone, we are a multi-line distributor with dozens of manufacturers to choose from. We aren’t a manufacturer of windows, doors and siding, so we can help you make an informed, unbiased decision based on the factors in your life. We won’t try to sell you a specific brand or convince you that “our” brand is better. That’s not our job. We present the facts and help you make the best decision for your individual situation.

The fact is there are many good brands on the market. Some have better strengths in certain areas than others, but there is no one window that will solve everyone’s problems. That’s what makes Cornerstone so valuable to the homeowner. We give it to you straight and help you make the best decision for YOU, not us. That’s what our slogan, “We’re in Your Corner” means. We help you make the smartest product choice and we ensure that it is installed to our exacting standards. You get the best of both worlds – quality product & quality installation.

Vernon & Lori wanted new windows. The first choice they had to make was wood, aluminum or vinyl. They chose the vinyl windows for their insulating qualities, easy maintenance and lower cost. Soft-Lite vinyl windows are well-designed, energy efficient, and durable. With our professional installation, they will be airtight and last a lifetime. In fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee. Couple that with Cornerstone’s lifetime guarantee on installation, and these windows will be the last windows they’ll ever install. We installed 23 windows in their home and they were extremely pleased with their entire experience.

“Excellent experience from initial contact, through the sales cycle, during installation, and after. Thanks, Cornerstone! It is obvious that your entire staff cares about the customer.”

Vernon and Lori T. Leawood, KS

If you need new windows, siding, or doors, shop around, but make sure you visit Cornerstone Home Improvements before you buy. We’ll help you make an informed decision, and, of course, we will provide the best installation in Leawood or any of the many cities we service.