Care and Maintenance of Your New Vinyl Windows

Like any surface exposed to the outside elements, your windows will get
dirty from time to time. Often, heavy rains will wash the vinyl clean, but if
the rain is not enough, you can restore the shine to your window by
following these simple instructions:

  • Wash the windows with a mild detergent and a soft cloth.
  •  Do not use a high-pressure spray or hose to clean your windows (This could crack the window or destroy the caulking around the window).
  • For tough stains use your household cleaners on the chart below or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.
  • Use of any kind of abrasive cleaner could scratch the glass and or frame. So please avoid using things such as soft scrub whenever possible.
  • Do not use products like grease remover, organic solvents, nail polish remover, furniture cleaners, cleaners containing chlorine bleach, strong soaps, and detergents. Doing this can affect the surface appearance of the vinyl on the window.
  • To clean the glass in your new window we recommend any readily available glass cleaner.

Recommended cleaners to remove stains from your new vinyl windows:

Stain Cleaner
Bubble Gum Fantastic®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Solution of Vinegar (30%) and water (70%), Windex®
Crayon Lestoil®
Oil based Chalk Fantastic®, Water based cleaners
Felt-Tip Pen Fantastic®, Lysol®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Windex®
Grass Fantastic®, Lysol®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Windex®
Lipstick Fantastic®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®
Lithium Grease Fantastic®, Lestoil®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Windex®
Mold and Mildew Fantastic®, Solution of Vinegar (30%) and water (70%), Windex®
Oil Soft Scrub®*
Paint Brillo® Pad*, Soft Scrub®*
Pencil Soft Scrub®*
Rust Fantastic®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Windex®
Tar Soft Scrub®*
Top Soil Fantastic®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, Lestoil®

* Use cautiously and only when alternative methods fail.

Cornerstone does not endorse proprietary products or processes and makes no warranties for the products referred to herein. Reference to proprietary names is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to imply that there are not equally effective alternatives.