Building A Greenhouse With Garden Windows

If you love plants and have been dreaming about growing your own herbs, flowers, and vegetables indoors to make your house more “sustainable” you don’t need a green thumb. Just install garden windows in your house to create a mini-greenhouse effect inside any room that needs new life. 

This explains why they are sometimes referred to as greenhouse windows, a special type of window that protrudes from the wall and acts like a miniature, indoor greenhouse, giving you the benefits of a greenhouse without the need for a separate building. 

Garden windows are box-shaped projections that extend outward from the wall. They have a sloped glass roof and three glass sides that allow for natural light and ventilation and are available in a wide range of eye-popping colors, glass options, and sizes. 

You can have them installed in any room where there is an existing window, but they are most commonly found in kitchens or breakfast nooks. to create a cozy and inviting space where you can enjoy the view of your garden. 

Provia offers garden windows in Endure, Aspect, and Ecolite brands. Each one has its own specifications, features, and prices. You can compare different options online

Garden windows create a three-dimensional effect that opens up the room and adds charm to your home’s exterior. They are perfect for kitchens, especially above the sink, where they can brighten up the space and offer a sunny spot for growing herbs or small plants right where you cook. 

Beyond Kitchens 

Be creative beyond the kitchen, as you can use garden windows in bathrooms or dens to display decorative accents in which case you really don’t need a green thumb. 

Provia’s custom, vinyl garden windows feature two operable casement windows and two fixed sashes. Each of the operating sashes includes a screen to keep the fresh air in and the flying insects out. 

Effortlessly open and close the windows while enjoying a panoramic view of your outdoor landscape. The casement windows have a multi-point locking system for added security and a crank handle for easy operation. The fixed sashes have a fusion-welded frame and sash for strength and stability.

Custom adjustable glass shelves with polished edges, brackets, and standards include metal strips attached to the wall with slots or holes for supporting the brackets that hold the glass shelves, allowing you to adjust their height and position. 

Craft Your Own Vision 

This gives you the option to create your own display area for your plants, flowers, or other decorative items. Provia allows you to choose the number, size, and position of the glass shelves according to your needs and preferences so you can really own this remodel. 

The best part is the glass shelves are made of 3/16-inch-thick tempered safety glass flanked by polished edges for a smooth finish. The brackets and standards are made of zinc-plated steel that is corrosion-resistant and color-matched to the window frame.

Have a blast choosing from different colors, styles, grids, glass packages, hardware finishes, and accessories for your garden window. 

Are you going to go with white, beige, sandstone, or bronze for the color of your window frame? Colonial or prairie for the style of your grids? You can even choose between double-strength or triple-pane glass and brass or brushed nickel for the hardware finish.

Enjoy A Greener World All Year With Garden Windows

Garden windows use 4 to 5 window panes that extend off of the house at a 90-degree angle, creating a box for plants under a slanted glass roof to increase the amount of sunlight. The design of these windows allows you to control the temperature and humidity in a very similar way to a full greenhouse but with the convenience of being located right inside your home. 

This makes garden or greenhouse windows ideal for homes where a full-sized greenhouse is, let’s just say, slightly impractical. Many greenhouse windows also have operable windows to improve ventilation and minimize condensation. 

Apart from the functionality of growing an abundance of indoor greenery, greenhouse windows also make a room feel larger and brighter while increasing the amount of natural lighting in a space and adding a unique focal point to any room.


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