Big Style In A Small Outdoor Space

If you have a small outdoor space, you may be operating under the assumption that your design options are limited. But the truth is, that you can maximize limited square footage to transform your outdoor area into a cozy oasis that feels much roomier than it actually is. 

Whether you want to add a water feature, a garden, or a fire pit, the best part about a small space is that even a skimpy budget can make a meaningful impact on your quality of life. Before you begin shopping, define the purpose of your new space. Relaxing, entertaining, gardening, or meditating will inform different design moves. 

Evaluate the layout. How much space do you have and how can you maximize it? Consider using vertical space, such as walls, fences, or trellises, to add greenery or storage. 

Think about ways to save space and accommodate guests by adding folding or extendable tables that you can collapse or expand as needed. A detachable hammock may be a great idea as it can be displayed for taking a nap or hidden when it’s not being used. 

Saving Space and Money 

The key is to create a sense of privacy and coziness without making the space feel cramped or cluttered. Having too much pottery or furniture in a small space is a common mistake. 

In fact, move larger pieces back to the outer edge of your seating area. This will prevent it from blocking natural light or the entrance and make your small outdoor oasis appear to be more spacious. 

Minimalist Design

Professional designers use the term “negative” or “white space” to describe the empty space around and between focal points. It   paves the way for richer composition, contrast, balance, scale, and tricks the eye into seeing a larger space. 

Use paint to camouflage pipes or gutters to create the illusion that you are isolated from the house. Keep surfaces clear and free of  unnecessary clutter. 

To maximize the space, add visual interest with outdoor rugs and decorative cushions to add warmth and comfort to your seating area. 

Use an umbrella to provide shade and protection from the sun, rain or wind. You can also use trellises to create privacy and separation from the house.

Outdoor Patio Styles And Designs

To create a warm and welcoming outdoor space, you have many options for furniture and decor. Whether you prefer wicker, metal, wood, or plastic, you can enhance your space with solid or patterned cushions, area rugs, lanterns, or other decor that add color, texture and depth.  

When choosing flooring, remember your purpose for the space. Tiles, stone or gravel are great for relaxing or entertaining but astroturf or grass is better if you are going to use it to meditate. 

For a romantic or festive vibe, you can also use lighting to enhance the mood and visibility of your space. String lights, solar lights, candles, or lanterns are all viable options. 

To choose a color scheme that suits your style and mood, you can use online tools like color palette generators that help you create harmonious combinations of hues and shades.

Mix patterns and textures to create scale, contrast, and harmony of the elements. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than three different patterns or textures in one space, and to balance them with some solid colors.

Completing Your Outdoor Space Design

Now you’re ready to bring it all together with a patio door that suits your style and budget. Provia offers a variety of colored doors for small patios. 

It offers four patio door brands: Aeris, Endure, Aspect, and EcoLite. Each brand has different configuration styles, exterior and interior colors, glass options, and glass packages.

All of them are available in a wide range of traditional and trending exterior door colors that reflect your personal style and complement your home’s architecture. 

Even better, you can also choose one color for the inside to match your interior design and another color for the outside of your patio door that is cohesive with your outdoor space. 

All of them are painted in a controlled environment, ensuring a consistent, beautiful, and lasting finish that will anchor the color scheme you choose for your outdoor space. 

If you want to see some examples of Provia’s colored doors for small patios, use their visualizer tool to see how different door styles and colors will look on both sides of your new patio door. 

With these tips, you can transform your small space into a stunningly gorgeous outdoor patio that you can enjoy all year round. Remember it’s more about the size of your ideas than  square footage. 

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