5 Ways to Creatively Cover Your Home in Vinyl Siding

Think of the most attractive home in your area. What kind of siding does it have? Perhaps it has rich, mahogany wood siding that makes it look rustic. Or maybe it has solid stone siding that makes it look like some kind of castle or palace. But you probably wouldn’t think of a home that has vinyl siding-after all, vinyl might not seem as upscale or elegant as wood or stone.

However, modern vinyl siding can look just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than other siding options. This siding option has transformed over the years, and people now use vinyl in more creative ways than ever before. You don’t have to put up with the boring horizontal lines with muted neutral colors. You can make vinyl your canvas as you create a unique and gorgeous exterior for your home.

Tip #1: Make Your Vinyl Run in Contrasting Directions

When you think of vinyl, you probably think of horizontal lines running across the house. Sometimes those lines look attractive. Other times, they can look boring or dull, especially when they’re the only texture on the structure. But what if you could put a creative spin on that texture by making your vinyl run in different directions?

For instance, you could have some vinyl sit horizontally while another wall or story has vertical slats. You could even just have vertical vinyl slats on your house to take advantage of the board and batten siding style. Contractors can do a variety of styles with vinyl. Just ask your Cornerstone representative what they recommend, and they’ll install your vinyl in the design you choose.

Tip #2: Find Exciting, Unique Colors for Your Vinyl Exterior

With modern vinyl siding, you can purchase any colors you choose, and you can depend on those hues to stay bright no matter what weather your region experiences.

Maybe you want to convey your energetic personality. Find bold reds, blues, yellows, oranges, or even greens. Or maybe you want to create a warm image with reddish neutrals. Or perhaps you like floral tones like pale greens, blues, and pinks. You can choose whichever colors you prefer and use them on your home.

Tip #3: Choose Multiple Colors for Different Sections of Your Home

You already know you can let creativity run wild when it comes to choosing vinyl colors. But did you know you could mix and match colors as well? You can choose different colors for different walls or stories. You can even use multiple colors on one wall depending on the type of effect you want to create. You could create stripes or even an ombre effect.

Just choose and plan your vinyl hues carefully so your home has an elegant, modern aesthetic rather than a tacky one. If you don’t know how to plan your colors so they look as beautiful as possible, consult your Cornerstone representative. They’ll know more about the design and placement process.

Tip #4: Decide Which Texture You Want Your Vinyl to Have

Vinyl doesn’t just come in the generic, plastic-like texture you’re thinking of. Manufacturers can make vinyl look and feel just like wood, stone, slate, marble, and virtually any texture you can think of. Of course, some textures may prove more difficult to find than others. Again, talk to your representative to see what they have available.

Tip #5: Choose the Size of Vinyl You Want to Use

Vinyl slats don’t have to come in uniform sizes. You can choose slats that are wider than others for some sections and install slimmer slats in other sections. Again, let your creativity run rampant!

For more tips on how to shop for and maintain vinyl siding, as well as care for your home’s other exterior features, see our other blog posts. Cornerstone Home Improvements can also perform a number of exterior installations to protect your home and keep it looking its best.