3 Things to Know About Replacement Windows

You love your grand, old house with its large, dramatic windows. They give your home a great sense of character and a head-turning aesthetic. They also emit a ton of light, letting you enjoy the perfect brightness in any room.

Unfortunately, with so much wear and tear, light isn’t the only thing your windows are emitting. Cold air seeps through the frame. The window panes aren’t holding in heat, threatening to boost your energy bills next month. These signs indicate that it’s time to replace your windows.

Before you pull the trigger on this worthwhile investment, let’s examine some important factors you should know about replacement windows.

1. Replacement Windows Are a Good Return on Investment

It’s no secret that newer, more energy-efficient windows will provide better insulation than older, single-pane windows. They generally cut your energy bill down between 10% and 15%. Though that savings surely help you, it isn’t the most important reason you should replace old, less efficient windows—the biggest reason is your home’s resale value.

Most newer windows are easier to clean, maintain, and repair than older, single-pane windows. They also give your house an aesthetic improvement. Replacement windows look sleek, clean, and elegant. To a potential home buyer, the appearance of replacement windows indicates that you have kept up with your home repairs and that the house is worth the price you’re asking.

2. Replacement Windows Should Be a Little Costly

As experienced window installation contractors, we see a lot of people opt to buy inexpensive windows to save money. Sometimes, they get swindled. With every added feature to enhance the windows, the original price of these models begins to climb. They tend to be more expensive than the homeowner initially anticipated.

Even if you do successfully locate a cheap window, consider how wise it is to purchase and install it. Typically, if that model costs next to nothing, the manufacturing quality is usually low and the materials’ quality is even lower. That cheap window, with its ineffective insulation, will be in your home, letting the warm air out every winter and cool air out every summer.

Instead of opting for the most cost-effective model, choose the best replacement window you can possibly afford. Discuss the model with a reputable, local window installation contractor and get feedback about how effective that particular window is. Your contractor may also be able to recommend less expensive options that still function well.

3. Replacement Windows Should Only Be Installed by Experienced Professionals

DIY window installation is a common and costly mistake that many homeowners make. Unless you have significant experience and training in window installation, this method will most likely result in poor installation and poor insulation.

Who you choose to install your replacement windows is arguably more important than even investing in the right kind of window. Many window manufacturers require crews to get certified in the installation of their products. While certification isn’t necessarily representative of a contractor’s personal experience, it may be a good indicator of your contractor’s product and installation knowledge. It’s best to work with seasoned crews and to ask them how much experience they have installing the windows you’ve purchased.

Review this critical information before you decide to invest in replacement windows for your home. Contact Cornerstone Home Improvements if you need an experienced window installation contractor. To learn more about when to schedule window replacements, read about the four major signs to look for.

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