3 Reasons to Replace Your Vinyl Siding This Fall

If you plan to sell your home in the upcoming months, you may have a few home improvement projects in mind to boost resale value. You might replace the front door, upgrade the kitchen cabinets, or hire a contractor to build a deck or patio.

However, if you want to truly impress potential buyers, consider replacing your vinyl siding. According to the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, new vinyl siding can rake in a whopping 83% return on your investment.

Need a few more reasons to replace your siding this fall? Check out the following reasons why autumn is the best time to replace your vinyl siding.

1. Fewer Temperature Fluctuations

Vinyl siding is a durable, sturdy material to protect your home. But even the highest quality siding struggles under extreme temperatures.

As temperatures skyrocket during the summer, the materials on your home’s exterior will naturally expand as the molecules become more active. But once night falls and cooler breezes blow in, your siding will contract. The greater variation in the temperature, the greater the expansion and contraction.

Unfortunately, this expansion can make measurements difficult during the summer. A 12-foot panel of vinyl siding could expand by as much as 0.625 inches. If installers put siding too close to windows and door casings, the siding will expand until it hits these areas and buckles from the pressure.

However, when you replace vinyl siding in the fall, the milder weather is much more conducive to installation, and measurements will be easier to assess accurately. The fall season also gives homeowners some brief respite from unpredictable spring showers, summer storms, and winter snow.

2. Minimal Impact on Your Landscape

Your landscape can make or break your home’s resale value. Mature trees not only create a lovely aesthetic appeal, but they also provide shade in the summer heat and act as windbreaks against winter storms, ultimately saving money on heating and cooling.

Furthermore, an assortment of native flowers and plants can catch the eye of potential buyers without breaking the bank. The right turf can minimize storm runoff, and beautifully trimmed hedges can raise your property value by 3.6%.

But many flowers, shrubs, and trees don’t do well under stress. While vinyl siding is being replaced, heavy construction ladders, increased foot traffic, and stacks of equipment can crush tiny leaves and blades and hinder new growth in the spring and summer. Even if contractors take extra care to avoid the flower beds, your plants may look a little worse for wear at the end of the project.

When you install new siding during the fall, however, your plants will have reached the end of their peak season. Many annual flowers will have lost their blooms and shrubs and trees will start to enter their dormant state. Contractors can work freely without worrying about damaging your carefully groomed yard and garden or hurting your home’s resale value.

3. Protection for the Winter Season

If your siding needs replacement, you shouldn’t wait until the winter months to address the problem. Cracked, warped, and bent panels create gaps and holes for warm air to escape your home. As a result, you’ll pay more in heating to stay comfortable. But when you replace siding early, you can rest peacefully knowing that your home has adequate protection from the elements.

Additionally, if you want to save even more money during the winter, you can go above and beyond sealing your home with siding. The contractors at Cornerstone, for example, will provide extra services, such as a weatherproof house wrap and insulation installation that will increase your home’s ability to withstand poor weather. When you pay for multiple services, you can often find discounts on labor and materials, so you can enjoy more bang for your buck.

Don’t Wait to Hire a Contractor to Replace Your Siding

Of all your home improvement projects you plan to do this fall, put new vinyl siding at the top of your list. The fall season creates the perfect environment for installation, and you’ll immediately see savings on your heating and cooling costs as well as a dramatic increase in your home’s resale value. Don’t wait until winter to give Cornerstone a call.